There are lots of opportunities for outreach in Tyler. If you are a student interested in outreach, email me for more information.

  • I am instructor and project designer for STEM Like a Girl at the Discovery Science Center in Tyler, TX. I covered The Mathematics of Origami in 2018 and Fun with Fractals! in 2017.
  • I served as a volunteer for the Girl Scout Badge Camp at the Discovery Science Place in Tyler, TX in 2017. The first session was Programming Robots and Designing Robots for Brownies and Juniors. The second session was What Robots Do for Daisy scouts.
  • I was a guest lecturer/volunteer at Owens Elementary School in Tyler, TX in 2017. I assisted Christina Graves and Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale in teaching four classes a fun hands-on lesson in math. We covered Edible 3D Shapes in the kindergarten class, Dice Probabilities in the 2nd grade class, and Bouncing Ball Heights in two 3rd grade classes.
  • I was a workshop leader and instructor for the Odyssey Series for the Center for Talented Youth at Dartmouth College in 2013. In the fall session, we did The Magic and Mystery of Hexaflexagons and in the spring session, we did Escher, Bees, and Soccer: The World of Tessellation.
  • I was an organizer and instructor for Science Day hosted by the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering at Dartmouth College in 2013. We did two sessions: Pascal’s Triangle and Möbius strips.
  • I was a workshop leader and instructor for Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day at Dartmouth College in 2011 and 2012. Our topics were Unravelling the Mysteries of the Möbius Strip and SET Magic Tricks.SK day
  • I was an instructor and course designer for Exploring Math, a one week long math camp, at Dartmouth College in 2011. Our first week covered Number Theory and our second week covered Math and Games.